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Led by Founding Partners, Executive Producers Lisa Osinloye and Simone White, Ten Ten Global Media is a world class independent production company, Film & TV financing and distribution company. Launched in 2014, Ten Ten Global Media is producing a diverse offering of inclusive TV, Feature Film and Animation content.

Lisa and Simone Executive Produced the feature film ‘The Last Full Measure’ starring 9 Academy Award Winners and Nominees including Samuel Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris, Peter Fonda, Diane Ladd and Sebastian Stan. The film debuted in theaters January 2020 and was distributed by Roadside Attractions. Lisa and Simone also Executive Produced the feature film ‘Her Only Choice’ on Netflix.


Upcoming Ten Ten Global Media  projects include the animated feature film ‘The Adventures Of Elliott’ starring Mike Epps and Snoop Dog with co-production partner Academy Award Winning Lion Forge Animation, who won an Oscar for their animated film ‘Hair Love’, ‘18 Hours’ produced by Golden Globe & Emmy Award Winning Producer Janet Yang, Lisa Osinloye and Simone White, the animated TV Series ‘The Funky Fantastics’ with co-production partner Toonz Media in Singapore & distributed worldwide by Imira Entertainment and Executive Produced by Janet Yang, Lisa Osinloye and Simone White, the Latino episodic TV Series ‘La Calle’ Executive Produced by Hip Hop Superstar Fat Joe, Lisa Osinloye, Simone White and Chase Torres, the Docu-Series ‘Behind The Icon’ created by Emmy Award Winner Kerri Zane & Lisa Osinloye, the Sci-Fi TV Series ‘ Offworld’, and the feature film ‘A Family’s Fury’ starring Michael Jai White, just to name a few.

Ten Ten Global Media has partnered with the new South African streaming platform Protea Plus to license and acquire African, African American and Caribbean content for TV and Feature Films.


Lisa Osinloye sits on the Advisory Board for the Cannes Film Festival’s Pavilion Afrique, the first platform at the Cannes Film Festival developed to gather multiple countries from Africa and its diaspora under a single tent in order to promote the African Film Industry and African content creators.

Ten Ten Global Media has partnered with Pavillion Afrique’s Founder Karine Barclais on a distribution company that will distribute Pavillion Afrique’s content, as well as distribute diverse TV and Feature Film content from content creators and producers all over the world.

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