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Genre: Latino Crime Drama
La Calle
Writer / Producer: Chase Torres

Executive Producers:

Hip Hop Superstar Fat Joe

Simone White (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)

Lisa Osinloye (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)


'La Calle' is based on a trio of Dominican children whose parents live in the Heights. The father, a well-known neighborhood heroin dealer, and the mother, an addict of painkillers, both subsequently get murdered in front of their children. The siblings, each with their own distinct personalities, come out of this horrible situation making the best of life with what they know and love. Jayla, an artist whose passion revolves around designing fashion, is the quaintest and most subdued of the three. Maximo, which is the athletic and most aggressive of the trio, displays his personality as a carbon copy of his father. So much so that Hector, the father, appears in a spiritual form in dreams to Maximo, guiding him to find out who killed his parents. Rosé, the protagonist, is an artist who throughout the melee has kept his eye on the prize and plans to rid his siblings of the poverty in which they grew up in. He is the driving force and backbone of the storyline. La Calle shows us an in depth look into the impoverished lives of three Latino children in the hood, whose personalities lend themselves to give us a privileged look into their relative situations.

Genre: Docu-Series
Behind The Icon
Created by Emmy Award Winner Kerri Zane & Lisa Osinloye

Executive Producers:

Kerri Zane (The Road To White Gold, Culinary Escapes)

Lisa Osinloye (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)

Simone White (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)

J. Alexander 

Charles Johnson

Robert Young

About 'Behind The Icon

Go with us behind the scenes as we reveal the untold stories of the music industry’s biggest icons from the intimate moments of the people who knew them best. Icons Includes: Prince, Rick James, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Sting


This on-going TV Docu-Series will include 3 to 4 in-depth episodes about each of our featured Icons.

Genre: Family Animation 
The Funky Fantastics

Executive Producers:

Executive produced by Academy Award winner, Carl Reed, who produced the Oscar-winning animated film Hair Love.  Carl is the CEO of Lion Forge Animation.

Lisa Osinloye (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)

Simone White (The Last Full Measure, Her Only Choice)

Barbara Clarke-Ruiz

Madison Ruiz

STYLE: 2D Animation

FORMAT: 52 Episodes (11 minutes)

52 Mini-Episodes (1 minute)

Plus an AR/VR Game

The Funky Fantastics High Res Image.jpg

This show empowers young women especially in the areas of life and the new technology’s (the show is set in 2030 when Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have reached their futuristic outer limits). Gender barriers and class are things of the distant past and #WeToo is now studied by them with interest in their history class!! Together, there’s no limit to what The Funky Fantastics can do! They all possess a secret unique personality trait, and an individual super power in which, through Augmented Reality, they are able to team up and do good in the world… all while attending Hologram Academy from different parts of the globe.

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